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We need VOLUNTEERS for our Pre-Build (tear down), Build Days (rebuild work) and Ongoing Operations.

All Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Indicate your 1st Volunteering or Co-Coordinator Choice from the drop down for each time frame.

Co-Coordinator roles require specific skill sets; Volunteering roles require some general skills.

A brief description of the roles and skill-sets can be found in the center of the Volunteer page.

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We need a variety of helpers during the tear down & rebuild work phases and ongoing operations. This may include cleaning up the site, removing materials, running errands and many other related activities. We need a variety of helpers during the tear down and rebuild. We will identify tasks that require general skill sets throughout all the pre-build, build and ongoing time frames. Please select this role on the drop down to alert us of your general availability in the time frame(s) you request.
PBD will provide a list of tools we will need to complete our playground. This coordinator gathers the necessary tools, typically loaned by individuals, rental shops, and occasionally tools manufacturers. The coordinator distributes equipment in safe working condition during the build. The coordinator arranges owners to pick up their tools in "check-in" condition at the end of the project; and assures construction electrical service.
Materials - Donated: Ideally, someone who is willing to dig in with a creative approach and a willingness to seek material donations regardless of the value of the items (not necessarily a person in the trades or even familiar with materials). The success of this individual's efforts will have a direct impact on the project budget. Lesser value items will increase the network and base of support throughout the community.
Materials - Purchased: develop a budget and purchase materials based on PBD specifications two months before the build. This person will also oversee material storage and distribution during construction.
Secures donations from local restaurants, organizations, church groups, etc. to feed volunteers during construction. PBD provides an outline that includes the suggested number of meals to provide per shift each day.
Volunteers are needed to serve food and clean up and do not need any special skills.
Creates a structured program to provide supervision of children at the Boys and Girls Club (Hammond School, Onset) while parents are working on the playground site. Typically, this is a team of individuals, and experienced childcare providers are very helpful. Co-coordinators will supervise childcare. All supervisors and volunteers will submit to a CORI screening. Volunteers are needed to attend to children while parents/caregivers are working on the site. Must be responsible, enjoy children and have some experience with caring for young ones. For safety reasons, no children will be allowed on the Lopes Playground site.
The Site Coordinator's job begins around the time of the pre-construction visit. If your playground is at a community park, someone from a Parks and Rec department or who has been in charge of facilities is ideal to take on this job. This person is responsible for preparing and staging the site for construction. The Site Coordinator must be on site for the entire build. It helps he or she is a good delegator.
Construction Crew Supervisors. They total a combined group of 10 men or women. They need to be at the build for all days of the build from 7AM to 8PM. 3 or 4 need to be skilled. All 10 must be physically able for all 5 days of the build. People who have no problem delegating are ideal.
Construction Crew volunteers need some experience in building/construction. Must be familiar with and able to safely use power tools. Construction Crew Supervisors will assign tasks. Please let us know if you have your own tools.

Whether you are able to volunteer or not, please consider helping make our Community Project a successful one. We need donations to support what Pre-build, Build Days and Ongoing Operations require. To find out more, visit our Donate Page. Also, see our Sponsorship Page (coming soon) for special donations.

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